Log A Load FRA Update Letter



July 29, 2019

Dear Log A Load For Kids Advisory Committee:
Over the last few months Deb Hawkinson, Forest Resources Association (FRA) and Lee Anne Fitzgerald, Log A Load (LAL) Chair, have been in discussions about the Log A Load For Kids Foundation operating as a 501©3 without the administrative support of FRA.
LAL has strengthened its brand across the country over the years, and there is an interest to have the foundation expand its financial support and engagement to other forestry groups. This includes broader support of donations at the business level to support national projects that serve to promote and heighten the awareness of state LAL efforts.
FRA has served as the administrator of LAL for 26 years, and this role has evolved over time. FRA originally became involved to help spread LAL’s philanthropic efforts that began in South Carolina to across the country. This mission has been accomplished as we have all watched LAL become a successful foundation supporting Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) hospitals nationwide.
LAL Board Members Sherri Hansen, Rich Palermo and Lisa Medici have been involved in conversations about the future vision of Log A Load, and LAL leadership agrees with the expansion of national support as it looks to strengthen its outreach.
Log a Load for Kids is a top 15 corporate sponsor at Children’s Miracle Network and the only grass-roots campaign of its kind! The organization is standing tall against Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Costco, ACE, Panda Express, Delta, Marriott and more. Its growth into 28+ states is too much for the chair to cover solely. There have been talks of adding regional national directors to assist with attending all the logging industries conferences and support regional activities as needed.
LAL would like the ability to solicit corporate sponsors to help underwrite travel expenses. Currently, LAL relies heavily on CMNH to pay for the annual meeting in Orlando, purchase promotional items, and most recently manage the website and promotion on social media. While attending CMN Hospital week in Orlando is exciting, a dedicated time for yearly planning would be ideal. This time could be in conjunction with one of the many logging conferences or state forestry associations. The goal would be to exchange corporate underwriting for advertisement on LAL webpage and newsletters.
Lastly, is the wish to reorganize the group for success. LAL current advisory board needs to be updated to make sure all states are included. In addition, setup a National Board of Directors, Regional Directors and an
Advisory Committee. There are a lot of talented folks in the LAL group and together the organization can continue to grow.

LAL wishes to thank FRA for their tremendous support for 26 years! LAL would not be where it is today if FRA had not gotten involved.

The next step is to ensure a smooth transition moving forward to ensure the future strength of LAL. Please let either Deb or Lee Anne know if you have questions or would like additional details.




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