Mike Keim Named 2015 Log A Load Volunteer Champion

volunteer-campMIKE KEIM: LOG A LOAD’S 2015 NATIONAL VOLUNTEER CHAMPION Nashville, Tennessee – The Log A Load For Kids Foundation conferred its 2015 National Log A Load For Kids® Volunteer Champion Award on Mike Keim, of Keim’s Forestry Services, based in Newberry, South Carolina, at the Forest Resources Association’s Annual Awards Dinner, April 28 in Nashville, Tennessee. Mike serves as South Carolina’s Log A Load Chair. Presenting the Award, National Log A Load Foundation Chair, Sherri Hansen, made the announcement that Log A Load For Kids had raised an incredible 2.2 million dollars in 2014 and thanked everyone involved with Log A Load for their efforts. Since Log A Load began in 1988, the campaign has raised over 41 million dollars for kids in need of medical treatment at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Hansen noted the thriving network of volunteers Mike Keim has established across the state of South Carolina. As the South Carolina Log A Load For Kids Chair, Keim devotes countless hours to coordinating efforts, speaking at events and traveling all over the state to spread the word about this important cause. Sherri pointed out how Mike’s energy inspires all participants and has led to donations exceeding $100,000 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in South Carolina every year. Accepting the award, Mike Keim stated that he felt “humbled and honored” and declared that teamwork is what makes the campaign’s success. He thanked FRA, Sherri Hansen, Log A Load For Kids volunteers, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital coordinators, and South Carolina Forestry Association for their support for Log A Load. He stated: “Each and every one of us are champions.” Keim was joined by his wife and two daughters at the Awards Dinner. Under Mike’s enthusiastic and heartfelt leadership, Log A Load For Kids continues to thrive in South Carolina with the best kind of friendly competition there is—seeing who can bring in the most support for America’s most precious resource. Log A Load For Kids is an annual campaign, which encourages loggers and others in the forest products community to donate the value of one load of logs, or any amount, to local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Log A Load For Kids is a national leader in CMN fundraising. For more information, or to donate funds to a CMN-affiliated hospital in your area, please visit www.logaload.org.

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