A Word from Log A Load Foundation Chair, Rich Palermo, Summer 2013


A Word from National Log A Load® Foundation Chair, Rich Palermo


I recently witnessed one of the many “miracles” that we all try to provide to the kids, parents, and doctors at the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals throughout the USA, Canada, and even Australia.

At FRA’s April Annual Meeting in Jacksonville, CMN’s Rod Hamson brought Jennifer Edwards and her twin five-year-old boys to share their story with us. Despite the doctor’s prognosis that only one of these boys would ever breathe a breath after birth, and that that boy’s birth could affect the survival of the other boy and of their mother, the family decided to work for the survival of both.

In fact, supported by the care provided at a CMN hospital, both boys survived. Jack and Luke were born 17 weeks early, each weighing just over a pound, and-as we saw during Jennifer’s inspiring presentation-they are each healthy and physically active kids.

I know that many of you have your own miracle stories. Please share them with us, and with the many donors and sponsors who have continued to support all of our Log A Load For Kids campaigns and events so generously, providing the funding necessary to keep these miracles happening.

I hope that all of you have ordered (or already received) your “Bury The Log Truck With Dollars” contribution boxes and are putting them to good use. Greif Packaging, the company I work for, matched the sum-over $400-collected in only six weeks in one of those boxes, from truck drivers who daily visit our mill, as well as from mill personnel. Please contact FRA’s Log A Load Coordinator Richard Lewis at rlewis7575@aol.com to obtain a box and for a supply of drawing tickets for a chance for a Gator that John Deere has generously donated in recognition of Log A Load’s 25th anniversary.



But, just as important, please share your success stories about Log A Load fundraising with us. Most recently, for instance, the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association conducted a parade of trucks at the Timber 2013 trade show, culminating in a $17,000 check presentation to Pennsylvania’s CMN hospitals.

And speaking of great work over the border: Log A Load For Kids in Canada has also been active. Log A Load/Nova Scotia recently presented a check for $42,000, and Log A Load/Labrador-Newfoundland presented a check for $36,000, during CMN’s Canadian Atlantic Region telethon. Hat off to the Canadian Woodlands Forum for the great leadership it’s providing to the campaign!

Let’s make this year, our 25th Anniversary Year, one of the best, and please let me and FRA know what we can do to help you achieve “miracles” in your state.

Rich Palermo
Log A Load For Kids Foundation

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