A Word from Log A Load Chairman, Fall 2010

I love to write about inspirational stories of sick or injured “miracle children,” their recoveries, and their successes, but I really thought that this column should be dedicated to George Ragsdale, lovingly known as the “Godfather” of the Log A Load For Kids program.

George B. Ragsdale of Dinwiddie County, Virginia passed away September 6, 2010 at the age of 84.   Mr. Ragsdale was born in 1926 at Baltimore Corner in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.   Our condolences go out to his wife of 63 years, Mary Emma Ragsdale, his son George Allen Ragsdale (and George, Jr.’s wife Tess Franklin), his two sisters Virginia Ringer and Mary Scott Harvey, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Mr. Ragsdale first learned about Log A Load For Kids in 1994 while serving on Forest Resources Association’s Board of Directors.   George became the first Chairman of the FRA National Log A Load For Kids Advisory Group.  Under his leadership the program expanded greatly.

Rick Meyer, Forest Resources Association Region Manager said, “George was probably the single most important person to spread the program to a national level.   He gave money to help new states get started and made countless calls to his many contacts and supporters.   George liked to keep focus on the kids and give loggers the up-front credit for the program.”

George’s fervor for Log A Load For Kids never diminished.  He presistently pushed raffle tickets, T-shirts, and jackets to help generate funds.  George was quick to brush off his personal giving in the program and wouldn’t get specific about his donations, but it amounted to hunders of thousands of dollars.   He always said, “The real heroes are the doctors, nurses, and other professional who work with these kids every day.   A lot of tears have been shed for all the right reasons.”

Mr. Ragsdale was one of those quality people who will be deeply missed.   On behalf of all the Log A Load For Kids volunteers and kids, Thank You, George, for you have made the world a better place with your warmth, wit, spirt, and generosity.   May you rest in peace

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