In a “progressive raffle,” a winner is drawn and one prize is given away on the last day of each month.  Anyone buying a ticket has 12 potential chances to win in the course of a year.

In 1998, The Log A Load For Kids Wiregrass District (Alabama) asked 12 vendors, customers, and local businesses for a $500 donation or a $500 gift certificate to use as monthly prizes for its first progressive raffle.  When a $500 donation was made, prizes were purchased (rifles, fishing rods, etc.)  Many of the purchased items cost less than $500, so the difference was added into the proceeds.  One month the prize was $500 in cash.

Loggers and forestry friends were asked to sell raffle tickets for $15.  The raffle tickets were easy to sell, with many people making a $150 contribution and buying 10 tickets; the idea of having 12 chances to win 12 great prizes is a very attractive inducement.

A donor paid for the cost of printing the 2,000 tickets, so there were no expenses.

This raffle raised over $15,000 for Log A Load For Kids its first year and is now an annual fundraiser in Alabama.   (Please review your state and local laws before conducting any raffle.)

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