The Mission of the Log A Load For Kids program is to raise funds to improve children’s health through treatment, education and research at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Undergoing reconstructive surgery the next day, Greer made a remarkable recovery and was released a mere 10 days later with near-normal abilities to walk, talk and function. Greer's neurosurgeon expects her to make a full recovery within a year. She participates in riding lessons on a weekly basis, wearing a special caged helmet for added safety.

Greer's parents are grateful for the excellent care their daughter received—especially the pediatric intensive care unit, where she was nicknamed "Little Cowgirl."

Funds In Action

The dedicated pediatric CT scanner used to analyze Greer’s head injuries multiple times was purchased with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals funds, as was her private PICU hospital room.

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Name: Greer
Home: TN, USA

Following a traumatic brain injury in October 2012, Greer is "back in the saddle." This vibrant and fun-loving force of nature is horseback riding once again, showing no fear of the animal that sent her to her hospital unconscious via emergency helicopter, with a forehead-to-ear laceration and the right side of her face...(read more)

Rich Palermo


As I pen this message to you, I can't help but reflect on the aspects of what really makes each of us so successful.   Is it that unseen, but totally innate, part of each of us that makes us give our best, to be the best and succeed in what we set out to do?  Like those who sat around a table one evening who had a vision and created the Log A Load For Kids program to help the kids.

As most of you know, Log A Load For Kids has no real corporate backing, offices, or paid staff; yet the program will have raised over $35 million dollars for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals by our 25th anniversary.   What we've raised for the kids across the United States, and how we've raised it still impresses me every time I share what we've done (and what we continue to do) with others.

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